Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome to Straight Creek Retrievers!

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are very proud to introduce our Golden's in the space below.  

Our goal at Straight Creek Retrievers is to produce healthy, intelligent field bred puppies suitable for pets, hunting partners and performance dogs.

Brennan has been bred to Topbrass One More Trip to Birdland and we are hoping for puppies in late April.

 Straight Creek's Batter Up Brennan

Brennan is a beautiful Golden who is very quick, athletic, active and ALWAYS ready to retrieve.  Brennie has a sweet personality and is easy to train. She learns fast and is eager to please. Puppies from her litters are doing well as family dog and hunting dogs.  

For more pictures of her as well as her clearance information click on her name listed on the right hand side of the page.

Straight Creek's Camo Cate

 Camo is from our January 2014 Brennan/Ace litter.  Cami has a beautiful light golden coat and weighs around 58 lbs.  She has a very calm nature but really flips the switch when it is time to retrieve.  So smart and athletic and from some great field bred bloodlines, she should produce all purpose puppies well suited to any home.  Her clearances and more pictures are listed on her page.


Muddy Water's Dozer

Dozer has grown into a very handsome guy. His coat is a beautiful dark golden. He weighs in at 74 lbs. He is full of energy and very fun loving but also quite smart and gets along well with everyone - people, other dogs, cats - just everyone. Dozer is a joy to be around! He loves to retrieve, swim and sprint through the fields with the other dogs.  Dozer isn't part of our breeding program but he is a loved part of our golden family.